"What's the plural of strawberry?"

The plural of strawberry is strawberries.

Definition of strawberry:

A strawberry is a juicy, red fruit with a characteristic fragrance and flavor. It has small seeds on its surface and a sweet, tart taste.

The Plural of Strawberry: Strawberrys or Strawberries?

The plural of the word strawberry is "strawberries" and not "strawberrys". This is a standard formation of the plural in English, by replacing -y with -ies at the end of the word.

Is Strawberry a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

Strawberry is a countable noun as the individual berries can be counted.  As a countable noun it can be used in the singular or plural form. For example:

  • "I want one strawberry."

  • "I want two strawberries."

Plural of Strawberry Example Sentences

Here are some examples of the singular and plural forms of the word strawberry:

Singular: "A single strawberry contains a high amount of Vitamin C."

Plural: "Strawberries make a delicious addition to fruit salads."

Singular: "The bright red color of this strawberry is a sign of its ripeness."

Plural: "Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world."

Singular: "I will enjoy this juicy strawberry as a healthy snack."

Plural: "Strawberries and cream is a classic dessert combination."

Singular: "This large strawberry is a hybrid variety."

Plural: "These strawberries are grown using organic methods."

Fun Fact:

The strawberry plant belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants which includes roses and they contain more vitamin C than oranges! The fear of strawberries is known as fragariaphobia.

Plural Possessive Form of Strawberry

The plural possessive form of the word strawberry is "strawberries'."

This is formed by adding an apostrophe and the letter "s" after the plural form of the noun.

Example Sentences:

  • "The strawberries' sweetness is unparalleled."
  • "The pie made with the strawberries' juicy filling was delicious."
  • "The children enjoyed picking the strawberries' ripe fruit from the bushes."

In these examples, the possessive form of the word strawberry (strawberries') indicates that the strawberries belong to the subject of each sentence. By using the plural possessive form, we are able to clearly express the relationship of belonging or ownership.



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