"What's the plural of berry?"

The plural of berry is berries.

Definition of berry:

The word "berry" refers to a small, pulpy, and typically edible fruit that is produced by various plants. Berries are often characterized by their vibrant colors, juiciness, and sweet or tart flavors.

Plural of Berry Grammar Rule

The plural form of the word "berry" follows a standard grammar rule for plurals ending in consonant + "-y". To indicate more than one berry, we simply replace the "-y" with an "-ies" at the end of the word, resulting in "berries."

The plural of strawberry and the plural of cherry also follow this grammatical rule.


Countability of Berry

When it comes to the countability of the word "berry," it is considered a countable noun. Countable nouns are objects or things that can be counted as individual units.

For instance, when we refer to a single berry, we use the singular form of the noun. We say "a berry" to indicate one fruit. In this case, "berry" is treated as a countable noun because we can assign a specific numerical value to the quantity of berries.

Similarly, when we want to express multiple berries, we use the plural form of the noun, which is "berries." By adding an "-s" to the end of the singular noun, we indicate that there are multiple individual berries present.

Collective Noun for a Group of Berries

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group of similar objects or entities. However, when it comes to berries, there isn't a specific collective noun commonly used. Instead, the collective noun used for berries can vary depending on the context.

Some examples of collective nouns for fruit include "bunch", "handful", or "bowl", depending on the way in which they are grouped. For a group of strawberries, you might use the term "a punnet of strawberries."

Plural of Berry Example Sentences

Here are three example sentences showcasing both the singular and plural forms of the word "berry":

  1. Singular:
    • I found a delicious berry in the garden.
    • The chef garnished the dessert with a fresh berry.
    • She carefully plucked a ripe berry from the vine.

  2. Plural:
    • We picked a basket full of berries from the garden.
    • They enjoy mixing different types of berries in their smoothies.
    • The market had a wide variety of fresh berries on display.



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