"What's the plural of cherry?"

The plural of cherry is cherries.

Definition of cherry:

A cherry is a small, round fruit that typically has a red or black skin and a single hard stone in the center containing the seed.

Which is Correct: Cherrys or Cherries?

When it comes to the plural form of "cherry," the correct spelling is "cherries." In English, when a noun ends in a consonant followed by "-y," the "-y" is typically replaced with "-ies" to form the plural.

This rule applies to many nouns in the English language, not just "cherry." For example, "berry" becomes "berries," "grocery" becomes "groceries," and "fairy" becomes "fairies." So, if you're referring to more than one cherry, you would say "cherries."

Countability of Cherry

"Cherry" is a countable noun. Countable nouns are objects or concepts that can be counted as individual units. In the case of cherries, you can count each fruit separately.

For example, you can say, "I ate three cherries" or "She picked five cherries from the tree."

However, it's important to note that countability can vary depending on the context in which "cherry" is used. When "cherry" refers to the flavor or ingredient, such as in the phrase "cherry pie," it is considered uncountable. In this case, you would say, "I enjoy the taste of cherry" or "Would you like some cherry in your drink?"

Plural of Cherry Example Sentences


  1. I bought a delicious cherry from the grocery store.
  2. She loves the taste of cherry in her desserts.
  3. The tree in our backyard produces a single cherry every year.


  1. I bought a bag of fresh cherries from the farmers market.
  2. She enjoys eating cherries straight from the bowl.
  3. They harvested several baskets of ripe cherries from their orchard.



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