"What's the plural of loss?"

The plural of loss is losses.

Definition of loss:

Loss refers to the state of no longer having something or someone that was previously possessed or present. It can encompass various forms, such as the absence or death of a loved one, the disappearance of an object, or the failure to achieve a desired outcome.

Loss is often associated with feelings of grief, sadness, or deprivation.

Plural of Loss Example Sentences


  • The company suffered a significant financial loss due to the economic downturn.
  • She experienced a personal loss when her beloved pet passed away.
  • The project incurred a time loss due to unexpected delays.


  • They reported substantial losses in their quarterly financial statement.
  • The natural disaster resulted in widespread property losses.
  • People mourned the losses of their loved ones in the tragic accident.

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The plural of loss is losses
The plural of loss is losses