"What's the plural of compass?"

The plural of compass is compasses.

Definition of compass:

A compass is a navigational instrument used for determining directions relative to the Earth's magnetic field. It typically consists of a magnetized needle or a dial that points toward the Earth's magnetic north.

Compasses are widely used in navigation, outdoor activities, and map reading to orient oneself and find bearings.

Plural of Compass Example Sentences


  • The hiker used a reliable compass to navigate through the dense forest.
  • He gifted me a beautiful antique brass compass as a symbol of guidance.
  • The sailor relied on the marine compass to steer the ship in the right direction.


  • We bought new hiking gear that includes high-quality compasses for each member of the group.
  • These modern digital compasses come with built-in GPS for precise location tracking.
  • During orienteering competitions, participants use specialized compasses to find their way.

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The plural of compass is compasses
The plural of compass is compasses