"What's the plural of address?"

The plural of address is addresses.

Definition of address:

An address is a unique designation or location used to identify a specific place, such as a residence, business, or institution. It typically includes information such as street name, house or building number, city, state, and postal code.

Addresses are used for mail delivery, navigation, and establishing contact or communication with individuals or organizations.

Plural of Address Example Sentences


  • Please provide your address so we can send you the package.
  • I need to update my address with the bank to receive important documents.
  • The company's headquarters is located at a prestigious address in the city.


  • They sent invitations to all the guests, but some of the addresses were incorrect.
  • My friends and I have different email addresses for communication.
  • The database contains a list of customer addresses for efficient delivery.

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The plural of address is addresses
The plural of address is addresses