"What's the plural of key?"

The plural of key is keys.

Definition of key:

A key is a small, often metal, device used to operate a lock or start a mechanism. It is designed to fit into a specific lock or ignition to grant access or enable functionality. Keys are commonly used for securing homes, vehicles, and personal belongings.

Plural of Key Example Sentences


  • I couldn't find my key and had to ask for a spare from the receptionist.
  • The security guard handed me a shiny key to access the restricted area.
  • He always carries a small key to open his diary.


  • I found a set of keys on the table, but I'm not sure who they belong to.
  • The janitor carries a bunch of keys to unlock the various rooms in the building.
  • These electronic car locks use remote control keys for convenience.

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The plural of key is keys
The plural of key is keys