"What's the plural of turkey?"

The plural of turkey is turkeys.

Definition of turkey:

A turkey is a large bird native to North America, known for its distinctive appearance and delicious meat. It belongs to the Meleagris genus and is commonly consumed during festive occasions such as Thanksgiving.

Turkeys have a rich cultural significance and are often associated with traditional holiday feasts.

Which is Correct: Turkeys or Turkies?

The correct plural form of the word "turkey" is "turkeys." The term "turkies" is not recognized as a standard English plural form for this bird.

The rule for pluralizing nouns ending in a vowel + -y is to simply add an -s to the end of the word. This is why the plural of "turkey" is "turkeys" and not "turkies".

This follows the same rules as the plural of monkey and the plural of donkey.

Is Turkey a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

The word "turkey" is considered a countable noun. Countable nouns are objects or entities that can be counted as separate units or individuals. Each turkey represents a distinct bird, and its plural form "turkeys" reflects this countability.

You can use numerical quantifiers such as "one turkey," "two turkeys," "three turkeys," and so on to specify the quantity of turkeys.

Countable nouns have both singular and plural forms and can be used with articles like "a" or "an" for singular nouns and "the" for plural nouns. For example, you would say "a turkey" when referring to a single bird and "the turkeys" when referring to multiple individuals of the species.

Collective Noun for a Group of Turkeys

The collective noun for a group of turkeys is "a rafter." A rafter refers to a flock or gathering of turkeys, typically when they are in the same vicinity or moving together. This term is commonly used to describe a group of turkeys seen in the wild or raised together.

For example, you can say "a rafter of turkeys strutted through the forest" or "the rafter of turkeys searched for food in the open field."

Plural of Turkey Example Sentences

Singular Form: Turkey

  • A turkey strutted proudly in the farmyard, showing off its vibrant feathers.
  • The chef carefully seasoned the turkey before roasting it to perfection.
  • I spotted a magnificent turkey perched on a branch, observing its surroundings.

Plural Form: Turkeys

  • A group of wild turkeys foraged for food in the meadow.
  • The farmers raised several healthy turkeys on their poultry farm.
  • We enjoyed a festive meal with roasted turkeys during the Thanksgiving celebration.



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