"What's the plural of monkey?"

The plural of monkey is monkeys.

Definition of monkey:

A monkey is a small to medium-sized mammal that belongs to the order Primates.

Monkeys are known for their agile movements, dexterous hands, and often have long tails. They are found in various parts of the world and exhibit a wide range of behaviors and characteristics.

Which is Correct: Monkeys or Monkies?

The correct plural form of the word "monkey" is "monkeys." The term "monkies" is an incorrect spelling and is not recognized in standard English usage.

Nouns ending in a vowel + -y simply add -s to the end of the word. This is why "monkeys" is used when referring to multiple individuals of this primate species.

This follows the same rules as the plural of donkey and the plural of turkey.

Is Monkey a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

The word "monkey" is considered a countable noun. Countable nouns are objects or entities that can be counted as separate units or individuals. Each monkey represents a distinct primate, and its plural form "monkeys" reflects this countability.

You can use numerical quantifiers such as "one monkey," "two monkeys," "three monkeys," and so on to specify the quantity of monkeys.

Countable nouns have both singular and plural forms and can be used with articles like "a" or "an" for singular nouns and "the" for plural nouns.

For example, you would say "a monkey" when referring to a single primate and "the monkeys" when referring to multiple individuals of the species.

Collective Noun for a Group of Monkeys

The collective noun for a group of monkeys is "troop." A troop refers to a gathering or collection of monkeys that often move and live together. It represents their social structure and the way they navigate their environment. This term is commonly used to describe a group of monkeys observed in their natural habitat.

For example, you can say "a troop of monkeys swinging through the trees" or "the troop of monkeys foraged for food in the jungle."

Plural of Monkey Example Sentences

Singular Form: Monkey

  • A monkey swung from branch to branch, showcasing its agility.
  • The monkey picked up a banana and started peeling it.
  • I spotted a mischievous monkey stealing snacks from unsuspecting tourists.

Plural Form: Monkeys

  • A group of monkeys chattered and played in the treetops.
  • The researcher studied the behavior of the monkeys in their natural habitat.
  • We observed several curious monkeys exploring the surroundings.



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