"What's the plural of grass?"

The plural of grass is grasses.

Definition of grass:

Grass is a type of plant that belongs to the family Poaceae. It is characterized by its narrow leaves, hollow stems, and inflorescence known as a spikelet.

Grasses are commonly found in various ecosystems, including lawns, meadows, and prairies. They play a crucial role in the environment, providing food and habitat for many animals and helping to prevent soil erosion.

Plural of Grass Example Sentences


  • The soft grass tickled her bare feet as she walked in the park.
  • He lay down on the cool grass and stared at the clear blue sky.
  • She enjoyed picnics on the green grass with her friends.


  • They played soccer on the lush grasses of the sports field.
  • The cows grazed peacefully on the vast green grasses of the meadow.
  • These beautiful flowers bloom among the wild grasses of the prairie.

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The plural of grass is grasses
The plural of grass is grasses