"What's the plural of mass?"

The plural of mass is masses.

Definition of mass:

Mass can refer to the religious ceremony in Christianity known as the Mass, which commemorates the Last Supper.

Mass can also indicate a large gathering or congregation of people for a specific purpose or event.

Additionally, in physics, mass represents the amount of matter contained in an object and is a fundamental property used to measure its inertia and gravitational interaction.

Plural of Mass Example Sentences


  • The priest conducted a morning mass at the church.
  • She attended a memorial mass to honor her late grandmother.
  • He felt a sense of peace and serenity during the Sunday mass.


  • They celebrated multiple masses during the holiday season.
  • The Catholic church holds daily masses for its parishioners.
  • These solemn masses bring the community together in prayer.

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The plural of mass is masses
The plural of mass is masses