"What's the plural of zoo?"

The plural of zoo is zoos.

Definition of zoo:

A zoo is a facility or institution that houses and exhibits a wide variety of animals, often representing different species and habitats from around the world.

Zoos serve educational and conservation purposes, allowing people to learn about wildlife and contribute to the protection of endangered species.

Plural of Zoo Example Sentences


  • We visited the local zoo and saw a wide variety of animals.
  • My son's favorite animal at the zoo is the playful chimpanzee.
  • The zookeeper introduced us to a rare species of birds in the aviary.


  • We went to different zoos during our vacation to explore the wildlife of different regions.
  • Some zoos have special programs for endangered species conservation.
  • They are planning to expand the existing zoos and create larger habitats for the animals.

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The plural of zoo is zoos
The plural of zoo is zoos