"What's the plural of whale?"

The plural of whale is whales.

Definition of whale:

A whale is a large marine mammal belonging to the order Cetacea. Whales are known for their immense size, streamlined bodies, and ability to navigate and communicate underwater.

They are found in oceans around the world and are divided into two main groups: toothed whales and baleen whales.

Plural of Whale: Grammar Rule

The grammar rule for forming the plural of "whale" is to add an "s" to the singular form. Thus, when referring to multiple whales, we use the plural form "whales."

This rule adheres to the general pattern in English where an "s" is added to the end of a singular noun to form its plural. By following this rule, we can accurately express the quantity of these magnificent marine creatures.

Countability of Whale: Countable or Uncountable?

The word "whale" is a countable noun. Countable nouns refer to things that can be counted as individual units. In the case of whales, we can use numerals or quantifiers to express the number of these animals, such as "one whale," "two whales," "a few whales," and so on.

Countable nouns allow us to specify the exact quantity and emphasize the number of items being discussed. Whether you encounter a single whale or a group of whales, countable nouns enable precise communication.

Collective Noun for a Group of Whales

The collective noun for a group of whales is "pod." A pod refers to a social group of whales that swim and feed together.

It is common to use the term "pod" when describing a gathering of whales, highlighting their social behavior and interconnectedness. Understanding this collective noun adds richness to our discussions about these majestic creatures.

Plural of Whale Example Sentences

Singular Form:

  1. We spotted a magnificent whale breaching the surface of the ocean.
  2. The sound of the whale's song echoed through the vast underwater realm.
  3. I read an article about the lifecycle of a humpback whale.

Plural Form:

  1. During the whale-watching excursion, we were lucky to observe several whales swimming in harmony.
  2. Researchers are studying the migratory patterns of different species of whales.
  3. Whale conservation efforts aim to protect the habitats of endangered whales.



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The plural of whale is whales
The plural of whale is whales

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