"What's the plural of swine?"

The plural of swine is swine.

Definition of swine:

Swine is a collective term used to refer to domestic pigs or hogs. It is commonly used in agriculture and animal husbandry to describe the group of animals belonging to the pig family. Swine are raised for various purposes, including meat production, research, and as pets.

Plural of Swine Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. He works on a pig farm, taking care of the swine and ensuring their well-being.
    2. They conducted a study on the feeding habits and behavior of swine in different environments.
    3. She participated in a pig show, showcasing her prize-winning swine.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. The farmers raised a large herd of swine for commercial pork production.
    2. They implemented strict biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases among the swine.
    3. We visited a sanctuary that provides shelter and care for abandoned swine.



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The plural of swine is swine
The plural of swine is swine