"What's the plural of stretch?"

The plural of stretch is stretches.

Definition of stretch:

Stretch is a word that can be used as both a verb and a noun in the English language.

As a noun, it refers to the act of extending or lengthening something, often referring to a physical movement. It can also refer to a continuous length of something, such as a stretch of road or a stretch of time.

How do you form the plural of stretch?

The answer is that the plural of stretch is stretches. This follows the standard rules for forming the plural of words ending in -ch by adding -es to the end of the word.

Is Stretch a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

Stretch is a countable noun, which means it can be quantified and counted.

For example, "I did a stretch in prison" refers to a singular instance of time spent in jail. In contrast, "I have done several stretches in prison" refers to multiple instances of time spent in jail.

It's worth noting that while stretch is a countable noun, "stretching" can be used as an uncountable noun. For example, "I need to do some stretching before my run" refers to the activity of stretching in general, which is unquantifiable.

Plural of Stretch Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences to illustrate the use of stretch as a singular and plural noun:

  • Singular:

    • "I need to take a break and go for a stretch. Sitting at my desk for hours is making my back hurt."
    • "This stretch of highway is known for having a lot of traffic during rush hour."
    • "I've been doing the same stretch routine for years, and it's helped keep me flexible and limber."


    • "I always make sure to do a few stretches before and after my workouts."
    • "After a long day on my feet, I like to do some stretches to help ease my sore muscles."
    • "The dancers warmed up with a series of stretches before beginning their rehearsal."

Fun Fact:

The word "stretches" can also refer to a type of exercise routine that focuses on stretching and flexibility. This type of exercise can be found in various forms, such as yoga, Pilates, or even dance classes.

There are 84 basic yoga stretches or Asanas which are thought of as 'systems' or 'ways of attaining'.



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