"What's the plural of strategy?"

The plural of strategy is strategies.

Definition of strategy:

Strategy is a noun that refers to a plan or a set of plans intended to achieve a specific goal or set of goals.

Is Strategy a Verb or a Noun?

Strategy is a noun. It refers to an approach or plan for achieving a particular goal or set of goals. It is not a verb, as verbs describe actions or states of being.

The plural of strategies is formed in the regular way of pluralizing words ending in -y by replacing -y with -ies.

Is the Word Strategy Singular or Plural?

Strategy can be either singular or plural. When referring to one plan, it is singular (e.g., "This is my strategy for success"). When referring to multiple plans, it is plural (e.g., "These are my strategies for success").

Is Strategy a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

Strategy can be both countable and uncountable, depending on the context in which it is used. When used to describe specific plans, it is countable (e.g., "three strategies").

However, when used to describe the general concept of strategic thinking, it is often uncountable (e.g., "The company lacks strategy").

Plural of Strategy Example Sentences

Example sentences using the singular and plural forms of the word strategy:


  • "Her strategy for overcoming her fear of public speaking was to practice every day."
  • "The company's strategy for expanding into international markets involves targeting high-growth economies."


  • "The different strategies for reducing costs include cutting expenses and increasing efficiency."
  • "His investment strategies have been highly successful over the years, earning him significant returns."

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