"What's the plural of specimen?"

The plural of specimen is specimens.

Definition of specimen:

A specimen refers to a sample or individual unit taken from a larger population or group for examination, study, or analysis. It is commonly used in scientific research, medical diagnostics, and other fields. Specimens can take various forms depending on the context, such as biological specimens (e.g., tissue samples, blood samples), geological specimens (e.g., rock samples), or museum specimens (e.g., preserved plants or animals). They are carefully collected, preserved, and studied to gather information, make observations, or draw conclusions about the larger population or group they represent.

Plural of Specimen Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The scientist examined a microscopic specimen under the microscope to observe its cellular structure.
    2. They collected soil specimens from different locations for analysis of their mineral composition.
    3. She carefully packaged and labeled the plant specimen before sending it to the botanical garden for identification.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They analyzed multiple specimens of the virus to understand its genetic variation and behavior.
    2. We visited the natural history museum and explored the extensive collection of fossil specimens.
    3. The laboratory stored a large number of preserved specimens for future research and reference.



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The plural of specimen is specimens
The plural of specimen is specimens