"What's the plural of society?"

The plural of society is societies.

Definition of society:

Society refers to a group of individuals who share common values, norms, customs, and institutions, and who interact and live together within a particular community or social network. It encompasses various aspects of human life, including social relationships, cultural practices, economic systems, and political structures. Societies can range from small, tightly-knit communities to large-scale, complex civilizations.

Plural of Society Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. He dedicated his life to studying human society, examining its dynamics and exploring ways to improve social well-being.
    2. They conducted fieldwork and interviews to understand the complexities of local societies and the challenges they face.
    3. She was fascinated by the social structures and hierarchies within ancient and modern society.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They compared and contrasted different societies around the world, analyzing their cultural diversity and social organization.
    2. Sociologists study the social interactions and systems of various societies to identify patterns and trends.
    3. We discussed the impact of technology on contemporary societies and the transformations in social dynamics and communication.

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The plural of society is societies
The plural of society is societies