"What's the plural of six?"

The plural of six is sixes.

Definition of six:

Six is a cardinal number representing the quantity or value that follows the number five and precedes the number seven. It is a common numerical value used for counting, ordering, and identifying the position of objects or elements in a sequence. In various contexts, the number six can symbolize completeness, balance, or a specific quantity.

Plural of Six Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. She rolled a six on the dice and advanced her game piece to the next position.
    2. The caterpillar had six legs, each equipped with tiny hairs for gripping surfaces.
    3. He divided the cake into six equal slices to ensure everyone got an equal portion.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. The teacher asked the students to write down six interesting facts about their favorite animals.
    2. They observed six different bird species in the park, noting their distinct colors and behaviors.
    3. We counted the six petals on each flower and marveled at their delicate beauty.

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The plural of six is sixes
The plural of six is sixes