"What's the plural of safe?"

The plural of safe is safes.

Definition of safe:

A safe is a secure storage container designed to protect valuable items, documents, or cash from theft, damage, or fire. It is typically made of heavy-duty materials and equipped with locking mechanisms to provide enhanced security and peace of mind.

Plural of Safe Example Sentences


  • I keep my valuable documents in a small safe in my closet.
  • He locked the money in the hotel safe before going out for dinner.
  • The detective found a hidden compartment inside the old safe.


  • The museum displays antique safes from different eras to showcase their evolution.
  • We installed multiple safes in the vault to store the precious artifacts.
  • They offer a range of high-security safes to meet various needs.

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The plural of safe is safes
The plural of safe is safes