"What's the plural of rendezvous?"

The plural of rendezvous is rendezvous.

Definition of rendezvous:

A rendezvous is a planned meeting or gathering between individuals at a specific time and place. It is often used to describe a meeting that is arranged in advance, especially for romantic or secret encounters.

Rendezvous can also refer to a designated point or location where people agree to meet or converge.

Plural of Rendezvous Example Sentences


  • We have a rendezvous at the coffee shop tomorrow to discuss our travel plans.
  • They agreed to meet at the park for a secret rendezvous under the big oak tree.
  • The couple had a romantic rendezvous at a secluded beach resort.


  • They scheduled multiple rendezvous throughout the week to finalize the project details.
  • The intelligence agents had their rendezvous at a discreet location to exchange information.
  • During their travels, they had exciting rendezvous with locals in various countries.



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The plural of rendezvous is rendezvous
The plural of rendezvous is rendezvous