"What's the plural of quail?"

The plural of quail is quail or quails.

Definition of quail:

A quail is a small to medium-sized bird species belonging to the family Phasianidae. They are known for their plump bodies, short wings, and distinctive calls.

Quails are found in various regions across the world and are often hunted for their meat or kept as ornamental birds.


  • The quail scurried across the field, blending into its surroundings.
  • She cooked a delicious meal using a recipe that called for quail as the main ingredient.
  • The birdwatcher spotted a rare species of quail in the forest.


  • They observed a flock of quails foraging for food in the grassy area.
  • The hunters set out to find and hunt wild quails for their traditional feast.
  • These small game birds, known as quail, are popular among hunters.

Plural of Quail Example Sentences

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The plural of quail is quail or quails
The plural of quail is quail or quails