"What's the plural of puppy?"

The plural of puppy is puppies.

Definition of puppy:

A puppy is a young dog, usually referring to the early stages of a dog's life before reaching adulthood. Puppies are characterized by their playfulness, energy, and curiosity. They are often small in size and have distinctive features that differentiate them from adult dogs, such as floppy ears, rounder faces, and wobbly movements. Puppies require special care and training to develop into well-behaved adult dogs. They are commonly considered adorable and are popular choices as pets and companions due to their lively and affectionate nature.

Plural of Puppy Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. She adopted a cute little puppy from the animal shelter.
    2. He spent hours playing fetch with his energetic puppy in the park.
    3. The puppy wagged its tail and licked her face, expressing joy and affection.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They bred and raised puppies of different breeds in their kennel.
    2. We organized a puppy playdate for our furry friends to socialize and have fun.
    3. The puppies romped and wrestled with each other in the backyard.

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The plural of puppy is puppies
The plural of puppy is puppies