"What's the plural of proof?"

The plural of proof is proofs or proof.

Definition of proof:

Proof is evidence or confirmation that establishes the truth, validity, or accuracy of something. It is used to support or demonstrate a claim, statement, or argument. Proof can take various forms depending on the context, such as logical reasoning, empirical data, experimental results, or documentary evidence. It plays a crucial role in fields like mathematics, science, law, and philosophy. Proofs are essential for verifying the correctness of theories, validating hypotheses, or establishing the authenticity of documents or claims.

Plural of Proof Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The researcher presented compelling proof to support their hypothesis and convince the scientific community.
    2. They provided concrete proof of their claims by presenting data from rigorous experiments.
    3. She cited historical documents as proof of the existence of an ancient civilization.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They reviewed multiple proofs before finalizing the design of the new product.
    2. We examined the mathematical proofs provided in the textbook to understand the underlying concepts.
    3. The lawyer presented several strong proofs to support their client's innocence in court.



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The plural of proof is proofs or proof
The plural of proof is proofs or proof