"What's the plural of ninja?"

The plural of ninja is ninjas.

Definition of ninja:

A ninja is a historical and cultural figure in Japanese history, known for their exceptional skills in espionage, stealth, and combat. Ninjas were highly trained covert agents who played a significant role in feudal Japan. In modern times, the term ninja is often associated with popular culture and represents a skilled warrior or a character with extraordinary abilities.

Plural of Ninja Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The ninja silently infiltrated the enemy's stronghold to gather vital information.
    2. She dressed up as a ninja for the costume party, complete with a black outfit and a mask.
    3. His agility and speed made him a formidable ninja in combat.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. In popular culture, ninjas are often portrayed as mysterious and highly skilled fighters.
    2. They watched a movie featuring a group of ninjas battling evil forces.
    3. We learned about the historical background and training methods of ninjas in Japan.

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The plural of ninja is ninjas
The plural of ninja is ninjas