"What's the plural of navy?"

The plural of navy is navies.

Definition of navy:

The navy is the branch of a country's armed forces that is responsible for naval warfare and maritime operations. It typically consists of warships, submarines, aircraft carriers, and other vessels, as well as naval aviation and specialized units. The navy plays a crucial role in protecting national interests, projecting power at sea, and maintaining maritime security.

Plural of Navy Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The navy conducted military exercises in international waters to demonstrate its naval capabilities.
    2. He joined the navy to serve his country and pursue a career in maritime defense.
    3. The navy deployed a fleet of ships to support humanitarian operations in the disaster-stricken region.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. Navies from different nations participated in joint exercises to enhance interoperability and cooperation.
    2. They discussed the challenges and strategies employed by modern navies in securing sea lanes and combating piracy.
    3. We learned about the rich history and traditions of navies around the world.

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The plural of navy is navies
The plural of navy is navies