"What's the plural of motto?"

The plural of motto is mottos.

Definition of motto:

A motto is a short phrase or statement that represents a person, group, or organization's guiding principle, belief, or purpose. It serves as a concise expression of values, goals, or ideals, often encapsulating the core principles or aspirations of the entity it represents. Mottos are frequently used as slogans, taglines, or rallying cries, conveying a sense of identity, motivation, or inspiration.

Plural of Motto Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The company's motto is 'Excellence in Innovation,' reflecting their commitment to continuous improvement and creative solutions.
    2. They adopted the motto 'Together We Rise' to emphasize collaboration, unity, and collective success.
    3. She designed a personalized motto for herself, which served as a reminder of her values and aspirations.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They explored different mottos during the branding process, seeking a concise and impactful expression of their organizational identity.
    2. Organizations often use their mottos in marketing materials, reinforcing their brand message and values.
    3. We discussed the significance and power of memorable mottos in shaping public perception and fostering engagement.

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The plural of motto is mottos
The plural of motto is mottos