"What's the plural of mommy?"

The plural of mommy is mommies.

Definition of mommy:

Mommy is an informal term used to refer to one's mother.

Similar to 'daddy', it is a term of endearment or familiarity, often used by children or in a casual context. The word 'mommy' is derived from the word 'mom' or 'mother' and is commonly used in various cultures and languages.

Plural of Mommy Example Sentences


  • Her mommy kissed her goodnight and tucked her into bed.
  • She baked cookies with her mommy in the kitchen.
  • He held his mommy's hand as they walked through the park.


  • They celebrated Mother's Day with their mommys and showered them with love.
  • The devoted mommys nurtured their children with care and affection.
  • These incredible mommys juggle multiple responsibilities with grace.

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The plural of mommy is mommies
The plural of mommy is mommies