"What's the plural of daddy?"

The plural of daddy is daddies.

Definition of daddy:

Daddy is an informal term used to refer to one's father. It is a term of endearment or familiarity, often used by children or in a casual context.

The word 'daddy' is derived from the word 'dad' or 'father' and is commonly used in various cultures and languages.

Plural of Daddy Example Sentences


  • His daddy taught him how to ride a bicycle.
  • She hugged her daddy tightly, grateful for his love and support.
  • He looked up to his daddy as a role model and mentor.


  • They spent quality time with their daddies on Father's Day.
  • The proud daddies watched their children perform on stage.
  • These loving daddies play an important role in their children's lives.

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The plural of daddy is daddies
The plural of daddy is daddies