"What's the plural of match?"

The plural of match is matches.

Definition of match:

A match refers to a small stick or device that produces fire when rubbed against a rough surface or chemically treated strip. Matches are commonly used for lighting fires, candles, or stoves, providing a convenient and portable source of ignition. They consist of a combustible head that ignites when friction is applied to the ignition strip or surface.

Plural of Match Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. He struck a match against the box and lit the candle, illuminating the room.
    2. They used waterproof matches for camping trips, ensuring reliable fire-starting even in adverse conditions.
    3. She carefully placed the used match in a designated container for safe disposal.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They stocked up on matches for emergency preparedness, ensuring a readily available means of starting fires.
    2. During the outdoor event, attendees used matches to light up the bonfire and create a cozy atmosphere.
    3. We discussed the different types of safety features incorporated into modern matches to prevent accidental ignition.

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The plural of match is matches
The plural of match is matches