"What's the plural of masseuse?"

The plural of masseuse is masseuses.

Definition of masseuse:

A masseuse is a female professional who provides massages or therapeutic bodywork. They are trained in various techniques to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall well-being.

Plural of Masseuse Example Sentences


  • The masseuse provided a relaxing massage at the spa.
  • I booked an appointment with a skilled masseuse for a deep tissue massage.
  • The professional masseuse helped alleviate my muscle tension.


  • The spa has multiple experienced masseuses to cater to their clients' needs.
  • These highly trained masseuses offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments.
  • Many satisfied customers highly recommend the services of these skilled masseuses.

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The plural of masseuse is masseuses
The plural of masseuse is masseuses