"What's the plural of man-of-war?"

The plural of man-of-war is men-of-war or man-of-wars.

Definition of man-of-war:

1. As a Warship: A man-of-war refers to a powerful and heavily armed naval warship historically used in warfare.

Man-of-war ships were often employed by nations to assert their naval dominance and protect their interests.

2. 'Portuguese Man-of-War' as a Member of the Genus Physalia: A marine creature and member of the genus Physalia which comprises several specialized individuals called polyps that work together as a unified entity.

Which is correct: Man-of-Wars or Men-of-War?

The grammar rule for forming the plural of "man-of-war" depends on its usage:

1. As a Warship: The plural form of "man-of-war" as a warship is "men-of-war." This plural form adheres to the standard English rule of adding an "-s" to the end of a singular noun to indicate plurality.

2. 'Portuguese Man-of-War': When referring to the Portuguese man-of-war, there are two accepted plural forms: "Portuguese man-of-wars" or "Portuguese men-of-war." Both forms are used to describe multiple specimens of this particular marine creature, emphasizing their collective nature.

Countability of Man-of-War: Countable or Uncountable?

The term "man-of-war" is primarily a countable noun when used to refer to warships. Countable nouns are individual entities that can be counted and expressed in both singular and plural forms.

However, when referring to the Portuguese man-of-war, it is treated as an uncountable noun or a mass noun. Uncountable nouns represent substances, concepts, or collective entities that cannot be readily divided into separate units.

Collective Noun for a Group of Men-of-War

The collective noun for a group of men-of-war, specifically warships, is "fleet." A fleet denotes a group or collection of naval vessels, often used in military contexts.

The term "fleet" emphasizes the organized and coordinated nature of multiple warships operating together. It symbolizes the strength and strategic capabilities of a united naval force.

Plural of Man-of-war Example Sentences

Singular Form:

  1. The "man-of-war" warship was a common sight during naval battles in the 17th century.
  2. I accidentally stepped on a "man-of-war" jellyfish and got a painful sting.
  3. The "man-of-war" bird is known for its impressive wingspan.

Plural Form:

  1. The "men-of-war" were docked at the harbor, waiting to set sail.
  2. I saw several "Portuguese men-of-war" on the beach and decided not to swim.
  3. The "man-of-war" birds flew in formation, creating a mesmerizing sight.




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The plural of man-of-war is men-of-war or man-of-wars
The plural of man-of-war is men-of-war or man-of-wars