"What's the plural of logo?"

The plural of logo is logos.

Definition of logo:

A logo is a visual symbol or design that represents a company, organization, brand, or product. Logos are used to create brand recognition, convey a message, and establish a visual identity. They can consist of text, symbols, or a combination of both.

Plural of Logo Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The company redesigned its logo to give it a more modern and streamlined look.
    2. She created a unique and eye-catching logo for her small business.
    3. They recognized the famous logo as soon as they saw it, associating it with the well-known brand.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They analyzed the evolution of the brand's logos over the years to understand its visual identity.
    2. She studied different logos in the market to gather inspiration for her own logo design.
    3. We explored the use of colors and typography in creating memorable logos for businesses.

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The plural of logo is logos
The plural of logo is logos