"What's the plural of hoax?"

The plural of hoax is hoaxes.

Definition of hoax:

A hoax refers to a deceptive or misleading act or statement intended to trick or deceive others. It involves creating a false or fictitious story or information with the purpose of spreading misinformation or playing a prank. Hoaxes can be perpetuated through various means, including fake news articles, social media posts, or staged events. They often rely on people's gullibility or the desire to believe in something extraordinary. Hoaxes can have various motivations, such as creating confusion, causing harm, or seeking attention. It is important to critically evaluate information to avoid falling victim to hoaxes.

Plural of Hoax Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The news of an alien invasion turned out to be a hoax, created as a publicity stunt.
    2. He fell for the online hoax promising instant weight loss through a magical pill.
    3. She realized that the email claiming she won a lottery was a hoax designed to collect personal information.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. Several hoaxes circulated on social media, causing panic and confusion among users.
    2. They investigated the source of the hoaxes and worked to debunk false information.
    3. The prankster was known for creating elaborate hoaxes that fooled many people.

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The plural of hoax is hoaxes
The plural of hoax is hoaxes