"What's the plural of history?"

The plural of history is histories.

Definition of history:

History refers to the study of past events, particularly human actions and societies, as well as the interpretation and documentation of those events. It involves the examination and analysis of various sources, including written records, artifacts, and oral accounts, to understand and reconstruct the narrative of the past. History provides insights into the development of civilizations, cultures, and ideas over time.

Plural of History Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. He had a deep passion for studying ancient history, immersing himself in the narratives of past civilizations.
    2. They analyzed primary sources and secondary texts to uncover the hidden stories of history.
    3. She enrolled in a course on world history to broaden her understanding of different cultures and societies.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. They explored the diverse histories of various regions, shedding light on their unique historical trajectories.
    2. Historians strive to present multiple perspectives and interpretations in their writings to capture the complexities of different histories.
    3. We delved into the interconnectedness of global histories and the exchange of ideas and goods across civilizations.

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The plural of history is histories
The plural of history is histories