"What's the plural of helix?"

The plural of helix is helices or helixes.

Definition of helix:

A helix is a three-dimensional curve or spiral shape characterized by a constant curvature. It resembles a coiled spring or a corkscrew and can be found in various natural and man-made structures.

In biology, the DNA double helix is a famous example of a helical structure.

In mathematics and physics, helices are studied for their properties and applications in different fields. The term 'helix' is used to describe a specific geometric shape that exhibits a consistent curvature and rotational symmetry.

Plural of Helix Example Sentences


  • The DNA molecule is structured as a double helix.
  • He carefully examined the spiral helix under the microscope.
  • The seashell had a beautiful helix shape.


  • The scientist studied the complex interaction of multiple helices.
  • They observed the unique patterns formed by interlocking helices.
  • These fossilized helixes provide insights into ancient life forms.

Helices vs. Helixes

The graph shows the occurances of the plural of helix in written English since 1800 using Google's Ngram Viewer.




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The plural of helix is helices or helixes
The plural of helix is helices or helixes