"What's the plural of matrix?"

The plural of matrix is matrices or matrixes.

Definition of matrix:

In mathematics, a matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions arranged in rows and columns.

Matrices are used in various fields, including linear algebra, computer science, physics, and economics, to name a few. They serve as a powerful tool for organizing and manipulating data.

Which is correct: Matrices or Matrixes?

The correct plural form of matrix is "matrices." This follows the typical rule for forming plurals in English, where "-ces" is added to words of Latin origin ending in "-ix" to indicate plurality.

While "matrixes" may occasionally be used, especially in non-technical contexts, "matrices" is the preferred and more widely accepted plural form among mathematicians and scholars.

See the graph at the bottom of the page for a comparison of instances of the words matrices and matrixes in written English.

Is Matrix Countable or Uncountable?

The word "matrix" is considered a countable noun. In the realm of grammar, nouns can be categorized as either countable or uncountable.

Countable nouns are objects or entities that can be counted and quantified, such as "book," "chair," or "apple." They have singular and plural forms and can be used with numbers (one book, two chairs) to indicate quantity.

On the other hand, uncountable nouns, also known as mass nouns, are substances, concepts, or qualities that cannot be counted as separate units. Examples of uncountable nouns include "water," "knowledge," or "happiness." They don't have a plural form, and you can't use them with numbers directly (you can't say "two waters" or "three knowledges").

In the case of "matrix," it falls under the category of countable nouns. Each matrix is treated as an individual entity with its own set of elements and properties. You can refer to one matrix or multiple matrices, counting and quantifying them as needed.

Collective Noun for a Group of Matrices or Matrixes

While English doesn't have a specific collective noun for a group of matrices or matrixes, one can use the phrase "a collection of matrices" or "a set of matrices" to refer to multiple matrices together. These terms effectively convey the idea of a group or assemblage of matrices.

Plural of Matrix Example Sentences

Singular Form:

  1. The matrix used in this equation is a 3x3 identity matrix.
  2. A square matrix is a special type of matrix with an equal number of rows and columns.
  3. The transformation matrix maps the coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

Plural Form:

  1. The mathematician studied various matrices to understand their properties.
  2. The research team analyzed the matrices obtained from the experimental data.
  3. Matrices are essential in solving systems of linear equations.

Matrices vs. matrixes

The graph shows the occurances of the plural of matrix in written English since 1800 using Google's Ngram Viewer.



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The plural of matrix is matrices or matrixes
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