"What's the plural of fairy?"

The plural of fairy is fairies.

Definition of fairy:

A fairy is a mythical and magical creature often depicted as small, delicate, and possessing magical powers. In folklore and fairy tales, fairies are associated with enchantment, nature, and supernatural abilities. They are often portrayed as winged creatures who can grant wishes or bring good fortune.

Plural of Fairy Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The fairy granted the young girl's wish and turned the pumpkin into a beautiful carriage.
    2. Children love to dress up as fairies for Halloween and pretend to have magical powers.
    3. The fairy fluttered her wings and created a trail of sparkling pixie dust as she flew through the forest.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. We read stories about fairies who live in hidden realms and protect the natural world.
    2. They believed in the existence of fairies and left offerings in the garden to attract their blessings.
    3. The fairies danced and sang joyfully during the celebration of the spring equinox.

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The plural of fairy is fairies
The plural of fairy is fairies