"What's the plural of church?"

The plural of church is churches.

Definition of church:

A church is a building used for public Christian worship. It typically includes a sanctuary or worship space, a space for gathering and fellowship, and may also include offices, classrooms, and other areas for ministry activities.

The word church can also refer to a particular group or denomination within the Christian religion. For instance, Catholicism is a church, as are Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Each church may have its own set of beliefs, practices, and hierarchy of leadership.

Plural of Church Grammar Rule

The plural form of church is "churches." For English nouns ending in -ch, we typically add -es to the end of the word to form the plural.

This rule applies to many words in the English language. For example, words like "ostrich" become "ostriches," "branch" becomes "branches," and "approach" becomes "approaches."

Is Church a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

In the realm of grammar, nouns can be categorized as either countable or uncountable. Countable nouns refer to objects or concepts that can be enumerated or quantified individually, whereas uncountable nouns are substances or abstract ideas that cannot be counted as separate units. So, is church countable or uncountable?

The word church is primarily considered a countable noun. It refers to a specific place of worship, such as a building or institution where religious services are held. Since churches can be counted individually, the word church is regarded as countable in most contexts.

Collective Noun for a Group of Churches

A collective noun represents a group or collection of people, animals, or things. It serves as a singular entity, even when referring to multiple individuals or objects. So, what is the collective noun for a group of churches?

There is no formal collective noun for a group of churches but the convocation can be used for this purpose.

This term refers to a gathering or assembly of churches, often for a specific purpose or event. It emphasizes the unity and shared goals among the individual churches within the group.

Plural of Church Example Sentences


  1. The church on the hill is over a century old.
  2. This beautiful church is known for its stunning stained glass windows.
  3. My family attends church every Sunday.


  1. The churches in the town offer a variety of worship styles.
  2. These historic churches are significant landmarks in the city.
  3. We visited multiple churches during our European tour.




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