"What's the plural of cat?"

The plural of cat is cats.

Definition of cat:

A cat is a small, carnivorous animal that is commonly kept as a pet.

More generally a cat is any mammal of the genus Felis such as lions, tigers and lynxes.

Plural of Cat: Regular Plurals Grammar Rule

The general grammar rule for forming the plural of "cat" is to add an "s" to the singular form. Therefore, when referring to multiple cats, we use the plural form "cats."

This rule aligns with the common pattern of forming plurals in English by adding an -s to the end of a singular noun. For example, "one cat," "two cats," "three cats," and so on.

Countability of Cat: Countable or Uncountable?

The word "cat" is a countable noun. Countable nouns refer to things that can be counted as individual units. In the case of cats, we can count the number of these animals by using numerals or quantifiers like "one cat," "two cats," "a few cats," and so forth.

Countable nouns allow us to express specific quantities and emphasize the number of items in question. Whether you have a single cat or a household filled with several cats, you can use countable nouns to articulate the exact number accurately.

Collective Noun for a Group of Cats

The collective noun for a group of cats is "clowder." This term refers to a gathering or collection of cats in a specific location or context. It is often used to describe a group of cats that live together or interact in a particular area.

Using the collective noun "clowder" adds a touch of uniqueness and precision when referring to a specific group of cats. So, the next time you come across a group of cats lounging together, you can impress others with the knowledge of this distinctive collective noun.

Plural of Cat Example Sentences

Singular Form:

  • I have a beautiful cat named Whiskers.
  • The cat gracefully jumped onto the windowsill.
  • She enjoys cuddling with her cat every evening.

Plural Form:

  • I saw three adorable cats playing in the backyard.
  • The neighborhood is home to many stray cats.
  • They adopted two sibling cats from the animal shelter.



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