"What's the plural of bunny?"

The plural of bunny is bunnies.

Definition of bunny:

A bunny, also known as a rabbit, is a small mammal with long ears and a fluffy tail. They are herbivorous and are known for their rapid movement and ability to hop.

Plural of Bunny Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The children played with the bunny in the garden.
    2. She adopted a cute bunny as a pet.
    3. The bunny nibbled on fresh vegetables in its enclosure.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. We saw several bunnies hopping around in the field.
    2. They set up a bunny sanctuary for rescued rabbits.
    3. The bunnies groomed themselves by licking their fur.

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The plural of bunny is bunnies
The plural of bunny is bunnies