"What's the plural of buffalo?"

The plural of buffalo is buffaloes or buffalo.

Definition of buffalo:

A buffalo is a large, herbivorous mammal belonging to the Bovidae family. It is known for its sturdy build, distinct horns, and iconic presence in various ecosystems around the world.

The term "buffalo" is often used to refer to two main species: the African buffalo and the American bison.

Is it Buffalo, Buffalos, or Buffaloes?

When it comes to the plural form of "buffalo," all three variations can be considered correct, although "buffalos" is rarely used in standard English.

The most commonly accepted plural form is "buffalo," which remains the same as the singular form. For example, you can say "I saw a buffalo" (singular) or "I saw three buffalo" (plural).

However, some individuals and regional dialects may use "buffaloes" as the plural form. This variation adds the typical "-es" suffix for forming plurals in English. For instance, you might hear someone say "I saw three buffaloes in the field."

It's important to note that while "buffalos" is occasionally used as a plural form, it is less common and not widely accepted in standard English.

It may be used in informal or colloquial contexts, but for formal writing or broader comprehension, it's recommended to stick with "buffalo" or "buffaloes" as the plural form.

Is Buffalo a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

In grammar, nouns can be classified as either countable or uncountable. Countable nouns refer to things that can be counted as separate entities, while uncountable nouns represent concepts, substances, or qualities that cannot be counted individually.

In the case of "buffalo," it is considered a countable noun. Even though the plural form is the same as the singular, it still refers to multiple buffalo. For example, you can say "I saw a buffalo" (singular) or "I saw three buffalo" (plural).

Collective Noun for a Group of Buffalo, Buffalos, or Buffaloes:

A collective noun is used to refer to a collection or group of individuals or things. It represents a singular entity made up of multiple members. When it comes to a group of buffalo, buffalos, or buffaloes, the collective noun commonly used is a "herd."

A herd of buffalo refers to a gathering of these majestic creatures, typically found roaming together in their natural habitats.

Plural of Buffalo Example Sentences

Singular Form: Buffalo

  • A "buffalo" grazed peacefully in the grasslands.
  • It's fascinating to observe "a buffalo" up close.
  • The "buffalo" moved gracefully across the plains.

Plural Forms: Buffalo

  • We spotted a herd of "buffalo" in the distance.
  • The group consisted of several "buffalo."
  • There were many "buffalo" grazing in the field.

Plural Forms: Buffalos

  • The plains were teeming with "buffalos."
  • They observed a pack of "buffalos" roaming the grassy expanse.
  • He counted five "buffalos" near the riverbank.

Plural Forms: Buffaloes

  • A herd of "buffaloes" gathered at the watering hole.
  • They marveled at the majesty of the "buffaloes" in their natural habitat.
  • The sight of the vast grasslands filled with "buffaloes" was awe-inspiring.

Buffalo vs. buffaloes vs. buffalos

The graph shows the occurances of the plural of buffalo in written English since 1800 using Google's Ngram Viewer.



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