"What's the plural of breach?"

The plural of breach is breaches.

Definition of breach:

A breach refers to a violation or failure to comply with a law, rule, agreement, or standard. It involves breaking or disregarding a legal or contractual obligation. A breach can occur in various contexts, such as a breach of contract, breach of trust, or breach of security. It implies a disruption or infringement of the expected or required conduct. Breaches can have legal consequences and may result in penalties, legal actions, or damages. The plural form of breach is breaches, which is used to refer to multiple instances or cases of violation.

Plural of Breach Example Sentences

  • Single Examples:
    1. The company sued the contractor for the breach of their agreement.
    2. She felt betrayed by her friend's breach of trust.
    3. He was found guilty of a data breach that compromised sensitive information.
  • Plural Examples:
    1. There have been multiple breaches of security in recent years, leading to concerns about data privacy.
    2. They discussed the potential breaches of ethical guidelines in the research study.
    3. The organization implemented measures to prevent future breaches of confidentiality.

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The plural of breach is breaches
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