"What's the plural of atlas?"

The plural of atlas is atlases.

Definition of atlas:

An atlas is a collection of maps or charts that provides geographical, political, or other specialized information about a region or the world. Atlases are used for reference, educational purposes, and navigation.

They typically contain detailed illustrations, topographic features, and accompanying textual information to enhance understanding and exploration of the depicted areas.

Plural of Atlas Example Sentences


  • He consulted the world atlas to locate the country he was planning to visit.
  • The atlas on the bookshelf contains detailed maps of different regions.
  • She enjoyed browsing through the colorful pages of the children's atlas.


  • They collected various atlases from different parts of the world.
  • The library has an extensive collection of atlases covering different time periods.
  • These antique atlases are highly sought after by collectors.

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The plural of atlas is atlases
The plural of atlas is atlases