"What's the plural of thief?"

The plural of thief is thieves.

Definition of thief:

A thief is a person who steals from others, usually in secret.

Thiefs vs. Thieves: What is the Plural Form of Thief?

Most English nouns ending in -f have an irregular plural formed by replacing the f with -ves. The word thief follows this same rule and so the plural of thief is thieves.

Plural of Thief Example Sentences

Singular Example: The thief was caught after leaving behind his fingerprints on the door.

Plural Example: The thieves were apprehended before they could even enter the building.

Fun Fact:

The production team on the classic film 'Home Alone' originally tried to have Robert De Niro play the character of one of the thieves.




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The plural of thief is thieves
The plural of thief is thieves