"What's the plural of son-in-law?"

The plural of son-in-law is sons-in-law.

Definition of son-in-law:

A son-in-law is the husband of one's daughter. It refers to the familial relationship between a man and his spouse's parents. Son-in-law is a term commonly used in various cultures to describe the legal or social connection formed through marriage.

Plural of Son-in-law Example Sentences

Singular form of "son-in-law":

  1. My son-in-law is a kind and caring person.
  2. I am proud of my son-in-law for the achievements in his career.
  3. John, my son-in-law, will be joining us for dinner tonight.

Plural form of "son-in-law" (sons-in-law):

  1. Both of my sons-in-law are doctors.
  2. Our sons-in-law always make family gatherings lively and enjoyable.
  3. The sons-in-law are responsible for organizing the surprise party.



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The plural of son-in-law is sons-in-law
The plural of son-in-law is sons-in-law