"What's the plural of quiz?"

The plural of quiz is quizzes.

Definition of quiz:

1. A short and informal test or exam.

2. A game or competition in which one's knowledge of a subject is tested.

'Quizes' or 'Quizzes'? What's the spelling for the plural of quiz?

The plural of quiz is quizzes.

Sometimes English words add an extra consonant when forming their plurals. In this case, the word adds an extra -z to the stem of the word to form its plural.

Unfortunately there are no strict rules about this in the English language and so a lot of plurals simply have to be memorized.

Plural of Quiz Example Sentences

Singular Example: Did you study for the mathematics quiz this afternoon?

Plural Example: Despite our poor general knowledge, we often go to pub quizzes on Wednesday evenings just for fun.

Fun Fact:

Pub quizzes in the UK have been a popular pastime dating as far back as 1961.




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The plural of quiz is quizzes
The plural of quiz is quizzes