"What's the plural of no?"

The plural of no is noes or nos.

Definition of no:

(Noun) A negative answer, a denial or an utterance of the word 'no'.

Is 'no' Singular or Plural?

The word no is usually used as an adverb or adjective, such as when used to imply non-existence (not any) or when diasgreeing with a statement.

The word no can also be used as a noun when referring to its usage in speech or writing. For example when asked to vote on an issue, if 4 people refuse then the number of negative responses can be counted.

When used as a noun, the word no does have a plural.

According to the Merriam-Webster definition, the plural of no is noes or nos.

Plural of No Example Sentences

Singular Example: When asked if he were to continue the course he responded with a clear no.

Plural Example: After all the votes were counted the results were unambiguous: 17 noes and 3 abstentions.



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The plural of no is noes or nos
The plural of no is noes or nos