"What's the plural of lamb?"

The plural of lamb is lambs.

Definition of lamb:

A lamb is a young sheep. It refers specifically to the offspring of sheep in their first year of life. Lambs are known for their soft and tender meat, which is commonly consumed in various culinary dishes around the world.

They are often associated with springtime and religious symbolism, representing innocence and purity.

Plural of Lamb Example Sentences


  • The cute little lamb followed its mother around the farm.
  • She bottle-fed the orphaned lamb and cared for it until it grew strong.
  • He sheared the wool from the fluffy lamb to make warm clothing.


  • They watched the playful lambs frolicking in the field.
  • The shepherd tended to the flock of grazing lambs in the countryside.
  • These adorable lambs are a symbol of innocence and purity.

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The plural of lamb is lambs
The plural of lamb is lambs