"What's the plural of fox?"

The plural of fox is foxes.

Definition of fox:

An omnivorous mammal of the dog family characterized by its bushy tail.

Fox or Foxes?

The plural of "fox" is "foxes".

To form the plural of most nouns ending in "-x", you can simply add "-es" to the end of the word.

This is because the letter "x" is typically pronounced with a "ks" sound when it appears at the end of a word, and the plural ending "-es" is added to retain the "ks" sound in the plural form.

For example, "box" becomes "boxes" because "box" is pronounced with a "ks" sound, and "fax" becomes "faxes" for the same reason.

Some nouns ending in -x replace the -x with a -ces such as the word matrix which becomes matrices.

This is not true for the plural of fox which is simply foxes.

Plural of Fox Example Sentences

Here are some examples to illustrate the difference between the singular and plural forms of "fox":


  • "I saw a fox in the forest this morning." (This sentence is talking about one fox.)

  • "The fox snuck through the underbrush, its red fur blending in with the autumn leaves." (This sentence is talking about one fox's actions and appearance.)


  • "The foxes were all different shades of red and orange." (This sentence is talking about the appearance of a group of foxes.)

  • "The foxes played a game of chase, darting in and out of the trees." (This sentence is talking about the actions of a group of foxes.)

Fun Fact:

When foxes are born they are completely dependent on their mother as they are unable to see or hear. The father fox typically hunts to bring food for the family.




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The plural of fox is foxes
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